Call Tracking

Stop wondering if your inbound callers will get to the right rep. OVS allows you to purchase unlimited local or toll free phone numbers for your sales reps or advertising team. Configure one, or hundreds of numbers online in minutes. Call Tracking reveals which customers call the most, investment habits, and which forms of advertisements are most effective.

OVS can track, forward, and record all your calls, allowing you to visualize which investors and marketing ads drive the most phone calls. OVS is the easiest way to increase advertising ROI, by tracking phone calls and leads back to the original AD.
1. Track calls that come in from advertising sources.

2. Tracking Phone Calls On All Campaigns

3. Dedicated toll free number that routes to your business, No software to install, up in running in one day, Offline campaigns can also be tracked

4. Track Phone Calls Generated By All Online Campaigns

5. Generate phone numbers for offline campaigns, Yellow Pages, Billboards, Catalogs, Print Ads, TV Ads, Radio Ads, Tradeshows, Brochures, By sales rep

6. All inbound calls are time stamped, recorded and placed in a management control panel. The actual recording of the call is captured, Caller information is captured

7. All calls will be recorded for later playback, Improve conversions by duplicating successful sales calls, Invaluable training tool because of the real-time nature and the ability to review, pause, rewind or fast forward through any client or prospect call.

8. Real-time tracking stats available through secure login, Generate real time reports showcasing the results of all online campaigns, Graphs indicate which marketing campaigns are resulting in sales and conversions both online and offline.

9. No special equipment to purchase, No special landing pages or other online marketing sites required, No software to install, Secure login is Web- based

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