Web Conferencing

      A Total new way of communicating over the internet. Massmeet will change the way how the internet works very drastic...

      For years people have been communicating by mail,private chats, Downloadable Voip/communication technology, etc. Unfortunate these technologies have some major setbacks, either you have to wait hours or days before you receive communication back, or receive no answer what so ever. You can come to conclusion that your communication partner does not have done the required download to communicate etc... Communication should be natural, without any of these hick-ups.

      MassMeet a Web conferencing solutions allow participants in a meeting to see and hear each other, making for an interactive conference. MassMeet Web conferencing is also used for educational training, surveillance, emergency response and security. When web conferencing is used correctly, it has a significant effect on the way people do business and the success of the business. Decisions can be made faster and deals sealed quicker. This enables you to stay in front of your competitors.

      Another obvious benefit of using MassMeet web conferencing is that it allows people, especially business owners, to meet with their clients from any location, This obviously saves a great deal of time and money that can be better spent for educational training, etc. MassMeet is also used to provide customer service and for sales.

That is why we created
  • No download required
  • No account required to enter. Just enter and communicate
  • Works on Windows,Mac, Linux
  • All you need is a browser.
  • See each other life, as it happens
  • Hear each other life , as it happens
  • Chat with each other has it happens
  • Show your screen/desktop to others
  • Give presentations, show documents etc
  • From 1 to thousands of user very easy and natural to do