VoIP Billing (Calling Card Solutions)

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Calling home or calling the office when traveling is a fact of life. But why pay more than you have too? Hotels and motels long distance rates are outrageous. Cellular roaming fees are often too high. It may be that you just want to have a quality long distance connection for privacy or convenience while saving your cellular minutes for other uses. Whatever the reason, calling cards are the answer.
Details VoIP Switch Compatiblity
Supported Codecs
  • G.711 (μ-law & a-law)
  • G.729a
  • G.726 (32 kbits)
  • G.723.1
  • iLBC
  • GSM
Supported Protocols
  • SIP
  • IAX2
  • H.323
Authentication Methods
  • Asterisk
  • FreePBX/Trixbox
  • Voxalot
  • LinkSys
  • Sipura
  • X-Lite / Eyebeam / Bria Soft Phone
VoIP server location
  • Houston, USA
  • London, UK
  • Montreal, Canada
Dialing Rules
  • 011 international prefix
  • 00 international prefix
  • E.164 / Direct Country Code
  • USA/Canada 1 or 001 prefix
On request we can provide you Demo A/C to check feature & fuctionality of our solution.
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